Sometimes agencies will talk about their “ROMA report” or about the “ROMA program.” ROMA is, however, a complete management and accountability process that is focused on the results achieved as a result of your agency’s activities.

Why ROMA? In addition to being mandated as part of the 1998 Reauthorization of the CSBG Act, ROMA, simply put, helps agencies to answer the question, "So What"?


So what if you saw 1,000 customers and provided 1,000 services?  ROMA helps us drill down to determine if those services had an impact, and if so, what was the outcome, or result of those services. Did the customer have a measurable change in their condition? Did the service support an outcome that was part of a strategic plan that was developed as the result of identifying needs in your community?

As stated in IM 49, "The most successful State and local agencies among us have come to understand that community action not only survives, but thrives, when it engages in continuous self examination. Our “star players” ask and answer, again and again: “Why are we here, who are we helping, what are we helping them to become, and how will we know and describe success, both theirs and ours?”


ROMA helps agencies connect strategies to outcomes, showing that

Community Action Agencies are

Helping People and Changing Lives .