"ROMA is the difference between spinning your wheels and making an actual impact. We all want to help build stronger communities and create positive change for individuals but we need effective tools in order to maximize our efforts and our dollars. ROMA provides your staff and your agency with the ability to truly challenge assumptions, hone in on the most prominent issues impacting your communities and see trends that would have otherwise gone unseen. ROMA, when implemented throughout an agency, creates stronger and more meaningful work. When a whole agency is committed to the ROMA cycle, the days of doing things just because that’s how it has always been done are replaced with innovative strategies, a renewed energy to create partnerships, and the ability to assess and adjust processes and services to best serve others. 


ROMA also provides a context for the work we do. Knowing how important it is to tell our story and accurately reflect the work being done sheds a whole new light on the IS Reports and the NPIs. We all know that reporting is a requirement, but knowing how the information can be used to create change and impact families is empowering! Tasks that once felt daunting and menial, then, become useful tools."

Kate Singogo, NCRT, Lead Life Coach, Community Action Opportunities, Asheville, North Carolina