Expectations after your Certification:   

As a National Certified ROMA Trainer, you are expected to become a resource for your state, to assist in the implementation of ROMA and improvement of the quality of the CAA network. You will be encouraged to participate in national dialogues and events sponsored by national groups (e.g., CAP, NASCSP, CAPLAW), as well as events in your state and/or region of the country. 


Specifically, to remain active:

o   You will provide at least one Introduction to ROMA training per year, but are encouraged to provide two or more to keep your presentation and content skills sharp.

o   You may provide technical assistance in lieu of training, but this is to be approved by the Project Director.

o   You will provide information regarding these trainings and activities using the 

o   You will attend In-Service Continuing Education Programs offered by the Training Project to assure that your skills and knowledge are kept up to date – at least every other year.

o   Other skill building activities may be approved by the Project Director to meet this requirement.


Recertification will be required every three years. 

The recertification process for each three year period will include review of both trainings provided by the NCRT and sessions attended to improve skills (as identified above).  It will also include some on-line validation (e.g., webinar, activity, youtube presentation) that will be developed to assure NCRTs have the most up to date information to enable them to continue to be a resource for the CAA network.  Information about recertification will be posted on the web site.  Each recertification period will reflect the changes, needs and expectations of the CAA network as it impacts NCRTs. 


Keep in mind that success of our training network is measured not by the number of individuals who achieve certification, but rather by the extent to which Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers are able to assist in implementing results oriented thinking and results oriented management and accountability practices throughout the country to serve the best interests of families and communities. 


For more information contact:

Dr. Barbara Mooney
Director, Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers (ANCRT)

243 E. High Street, Waynesburg, PA  15370

724-852-2272 or Cell: 717-756-3109