Estimated Costs

Nationally Certified ROMA Trainer


The current cost to become a Nationally Certified ROMA Trainer (NCRT) is $995 that is paid to the National office (info here:


After participants have completed the E-Course, Phase II (mandatory 3 day in-class session- 8am to 5pm each day) is traditionally held in Raleigh. When budgeting, agencies should anticipate travel to Raleigh and 3 or 4 nights of lodging for candidates to complete this phase.


Travel for Phase III varies as it depends on how much practice is needed and the location of practice sessions. Agencies are encouraged to budget  at least 3 round trips to neighboring CA agencies. If practice sessions are held primarily at your Agency or nearby, then travel costs can be avoided or kept to a minimum.

For Phase IV, we are now starting to record these sessions, but depending on the training location there may be travel involved. Agencies are encouraged to budget 1 night of lodging and travel to a neighboring agency for this Phase.


Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer


The current cost to become a Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer (NCRI) is $775 that is paid to the National Office (see link above).


Travel to a Phase II session (1 full day) will occur for each cohort. Location will depend on where the largest number of candidates are based. For now, please estimate one day of travel to Raleigh, with one or two nights of lodging, as well as breakfast and dinner.