Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer Training Program

What is it?

  • A new level of certification called the Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer (NCRI).

  • —The ROMA Implementer will be charged with providing information at his/her own agency to further develop understanding throughout the agency related to what needs to be done to fully implement ROMA.  

  • —The training and certification process for NCRI will assure that the individual has a deep understanding of the full ROMA Cycle, but has not demonstrated competence in the additional step of delivering the Introduction to ROMA Training. 


Who should apply?

  • —Individuals who decide to purse the NCRI certification are those who do want to support their agency’s use of the full ROMA Cycle but do not want to be a trainer or to do traditional classroom style training to groups. 

  • —Candidates are those who works one-on-one or in small groups with agency staff to look more closely at the processes and practices in place and help identify how they can be improved for results.

  • —To be eligible to apply to become an NCRI, the individual must have professional experience in service in the Community Action network for at least one year.


What is involved in the certification process?

Candidates will:

  • —Complete an e-course – 6 modules of on-line training (non graded) with specific focus which includes a body of knowledge, principles and practices that have been vetted by the field,

  • Attend “Introduction to ROMA” training held by NCRT/Master Trainer (1 day) and participate in discussion about the basic principles and practices of ROMA, as they apply to their own agency and as they may be evidenced in agency documents.

  • Work with a Study Circle of peers and Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers to create portfolio documenting their competence in recognizing the appropriate implementation of ROMA and suggesting ways to improve,

  • —Submit their portfolio for review by ROMA Master Trainer,

  • —And successfully complete an on-line exam (graded by MT).

The next North Carolina Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer Cohort is slated to begin in July 2019. If you would like to receive updates about the next cohort, please email 

  • The application fee for the 2019 training and certification process is $775. The price is expected to be the same for 2020, but is subject to change .