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Results Oriented Management and Accountability

A form of management practice that incorporates the use of outcomes/results into the administration, management, operation, and evaluation of human services.


What does Results Oriented Management and Accountability look like in real life practice? Agencies that embrace ROMA are able to connect strategies to outcomes, showing that Community Action Agencies are Helping People and Changing Lives.   

Become A ROMA Trainer


Welcome! We invite you to the application process to become a Nationally Certified ROMA Trainer (NCRT) to support the implementation of Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) practices in the CSBG network throughout the country.

History of ROMA

The premise of ROMA (Results Oriented Management and Accountability) is built on Six National Goals. The Community Services Network has been guided by these six broad anti-poverty goals since they were established by the Monitoring and Assessment Task Force  (MATF) in 1994.

This is a collaborative project involving the North Carolina Community Action Association, the Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers and the North Carolina Office of Economic Opportunity.
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